Ignite Your Practice – Online Yoga Course


Are you ready to kick start your yoga practice?

We all know doing yoga is great for us – but finding the time, energy and motivation can be tricky when you’re doing it on your own.

This 6 week course is designed to support you with the motivation and confidence to build your own home practice.

  • Get easy to digest yoga videos, guided meditations & asana alignment workshop tutorials, delicious recipes & journal reflection questions.
  • Watch or listen at your own pace: 5 – 30 minute video sessions you can practice anywhere, anytime.
  • Reflections & meditations  & delicious recipes to bring inspiration to your life.
  • Advance your yoga, meditation, and pranayama practices to the next level.
  • Connect with like-minded people that get you excited to jump on your yoga mat each week!
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Your Yoga Journey

Join me for a six-week online yoga program that blends yoga sequences, meditation, chanting and breath work and delicious healthy recipes.

You’ll receive easy to follow practices that focus on: building strength, reducing stress, increasing your energy and flexibility and nourishing your nervous system.

The best part? You can do it anytime, anywhere. At home, the office, or on the go!

Kick start your home practice & make it stick!

Experience the myriad of physcial and mental benefits of having a regular daily practice. In just a few short sessions you’ll already begin to experience the positive ripple effect in your life.

  • Increased energy, clarity and calm
  • Enjoy energising and uplifting practices designed to help you clear your mind, shift your energy and mindset
  • Increased patience, less reactivity, anxiousness and feeling tired all the time
  • Increased commitment (and joy) in your regular home practice
  • Improved yoga technique
  • Feeling more motivated, creative and connected to your community
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To energize and uplift your mind, body & spirit

Yoga is more than just a physical exercise. It’s a way to find your centre and can ultimately transform your life. In 6 short weeks this course will help you clear your mind, build confidence in your home practice and reshape your body.

Align your


  • Mini – Workshops
  • Tutorials on alignment
  • Flexibility tips
  • Core strength

Still your


  • Guided meditations
  • Relaxing Yoga Nidra
  • Learn Mantra & Mudras for steadying the mind

Breathe & Feel


  • Learn yogic breathing
  • Guided Pranayama techniques
  • Build energy, clarity in your mind

Deepen your


  • Learn about yoga philosophy
  • Apply it to your modern life
  • Transform and inspire your life on all levels

Kat Clayton yoga teacher runs yoga retreats, meditation and yoga teacher training in Sydney, Australia and worldwide

Who is it for?

All Levels! Beginners – Advanced

If this is your story… this course is for you!

  • You can never make it to the studio as often as you’d like.
  • You would love to have regular ‘home practice’ – but are lacking in motivation and/or confidence to do it on your own.
  • Your work + daily commitments leave you feeling exhausted –  you just can’t find time to get to a yoga practice + take care of yourself!
  • You’ve been feeling “stuck” – and you’re looking for clarity + guidance to take your next steps.
  • You want to be the energetic, inspired, lit-up version of yourself you’ve felt before – but that person seems out of reach right now.
  • You could use some tools right now to help you clear your mind, stay grounded, less stressed and anxious.
  • When you travel or work – you wish you could bring your yoga teacher along with you!
  • You’ve tried doing a yoga home practice before but it didn’t stick…

'Ignite Your Practice' 6 week course is designed to challenge, educate and inspire you to feel, think, breathe and move better! Take your practice to the next level!

Kat Clayton Yoga Balancing Pose Hand to Big Toe Open Hip

What You'll Get

  • Easy to follow Yoga Classes + tutorial videos
  •  Guided Meditations
  •  Workshops ‘How To’ Videos (Crow pose, downward dog, handstands, and more!)
  • Recipes for delicious light & healthy meals
  • Journal / reflection workbook to create clarity in your life
  • Positive quotes and inspiration
  • Pranayama, mantra & mudra practices to support your health & wellbeing on all levels!
  • Access to a Private Facebook group where you can ask questions and connect to like-minded yogis around the world!



  • Ignite Your Core + Booty E-Book
  • Workshop video tutorial on Handstands & Inversions
  • Shoulder RX – Video (strengthen & open your shoulders)
  • Exclusive access to discounts on future retreats & workshops with Kat




Hear what Kat's students have to say


“I love the energy Kat brings to her classes as well as the way she challenges you…. She really pushes you to that next level in a way that you feel confident enough to take the next step. I’ve really enjoyed it and have seen the shift in my practice from when I first started.”

ABIGAIL – United Kingdom

“In Kat’s classes, with her delicious tones, she really empowers me to feel rather than think…I was able to slow everything down, I feel much more relaxed. Anyone who’s thinking about doing it should pluck up the courage and do it!”

HAYDEN – Australia / New Zealand

“I found grounding in yoga. The practice I took home and did it regularly – on a regular basis in the morning. It helped me stay focused on creating a new life for myself.”



Approachable, playful, holistic and heart-centred – Kat takes her students on a journey to deepen your practice and awaken your heart.

With 20 years experience on the yoga mat, Kat empowers and inspires her students and yoga teachers to discover the deeper dimensions of yoga.

In this 6 week program Kat will share with you her best tips for inspiring your practice!

“I love empowering my students to feel comfortable trying new and challenging poses. Yoga isn’t just something we do on the mat – it shapes how we feel about ourselves and take action. It ultimately creates more joy our lives and in the greater world around us.

I look forward to sharing this amazing gift of yoga with you.”

~ Kat Clayton

Kat Clayton Yoga Lotus Mudra


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