Do you offer private one - one lessons?

I am passionate about teaching students of all levels to safely and confidently learn correct alignment and breathing techniques.  In a private lesson, you’ll have a trained eye to help you specifically and stop you from picking up bad habits, heal from injuries with privacy, rather than in large group yoga classes.

What can take you months or even years to learn can be felt and more clearly understood in a few short lessons!

Private lessons are perfect if you prefer a tailored and bespoke approach or for an absolute beginner, it is a good to commence your yoga journey on the right foot!

Yoga was originally taught one – one; teacher to student (pretty much the exact opposite of the group classes we have today) to ensure you practice safely and understand the best postures for you, and which other practices such as meditation or breath best suit you and your individual needs.

Do I have to be flexible to come to yoga? I can’t touch my toes!

That’s why you should come to yoga! Flexibility comes with practice, patience and persistence; learning the right technique will also prove helpful for you in achieving your flexibility and health goals.

Ideally, start with a beginner level class or consider taking a few private lesson (one – one) initially, where you will feel comfortable to start your journey and can learn the most important building blocks of your foundations.

As with most things, it’s not the destination but the journey where you will start to receive the benefits of your efforts. 

Most of my students say they experience a significant transformation when they start practicing regularly with me; feeling lighter, clearer, more patient, focused, and making better healthy life choices. This kickstarts a very real and tangible positive upward spiral to get you moving, thinking and feeling better.

I love the music you play in class, do you share your playlists?

Yes! You can find me on Spotify or send me a message, I’m happy to share with you your favourite class / retreat playlists.

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How much experience do I need to have to come to a retreat?

On my yoga retreats I cater to beginners through to advanced yogis alike. There will be opportunities to take your practice further no matter what level you are.

Having a base level of general fitness is recommended. However, the daily practices can be easily modified or intensified to meet the individual practitioners needs. 

“Anybody can breathe. Therefore anybody can practice yoga.” – T. K. V. Desikachar

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask!