Be Stronger Than Your Snooze Button

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In the lead up to the busy period of Christmas & New Year I want to help you become stronger than your snooze button and help you kick off the year feeling great!

In a busy world – there are many things we can do to feel more connected, reduce stress and boost energy. Often we know what these are, but how often are we making time for them?


The yogic concept of Tapas (not just the delicious little Spanish treats) can help you cultivate the energy to do 1 thing a day – to prioritise your health & happiness.

“Tapas” in Sanskrit translates to “fire” or “heat”, burning enthusiasm or disciplined use of our energy.

Practicing Yoga is a discipline. Discipline helps you create practices that are stronger than your resistances (and the snooze button).

Let’s face it -15 more minutes to snooze can be a seductive prospect when you’re exhausted from work, bone-weary, not exercising regularly or eating properly. Getting out of bed despite the internal (or external!) moans and groans to go to yoga, spend time in nature, or meditate before work ALWAYS feels 100% worth it in the end!

The struggle is real – once the “fire” dies out, it can be hard to activate again…leading to more lethargy, cravings and addictions (aka: alcohol, sugar, binging) making you feel far worse in the end.

“These avoidance tactics may temporarily placate our senses, but they create a deep form of unhappiness. On some level we know we’re not being true to ourselves or our potential. Discipline is having enough respect for yourself to make choices that truly nourish your well-being and provide opportunities for expansive growth. Far from being a kind of punishment – Tapas allows us to direct our energy toward a fulfilled life of meaning and one that is exciting and pleasurable.” – words by Donna Farhi, excerpted from Yoga Mind, Body & Spirit: A Return to Wholeness.

Begin with taking small actions every day which will bring you closer to your goals: to be happier, healthier and more peaceful.

Once activated, tapas tends to generate momentum which creates an upward spiral of energy, endorphins and feeling good about your habits and lifestyle.

There are plenty of things you can do to build your inner ‘fire’ or Tapas discipline, boost energy and rekindle an attitude of excitement for your life. To kick start your morning routine, I’d love to share some simple daily morning rituals you can try to boost your energy, clarity and focus for the day:

Do 1 x thing a day:

  • Drink water – drink a glass before bed & first thing upon waking up! This helps you hydrate and aids your digestive system.
  • Repeat a Mantra – OM or ‘RAM’ – repeat this mantra out loud or silently for 2-3 minutes. Notice how you feel afterwards. Notice if you feel more heat in the body? Where do you feel more energy?
  • Yogic Breath (Pranayama) – Kapalabhati or Bastrika (try 2 x sets of 20 rounds). Best to do first thing in the morning to tone your abdomen, stimulate digestion, increase oxygen to your brain.
  • Exercise every day – aim for 15-20 min of exercise (walking to work, or get on your yoga mat). Remember 15 minutes is better than NO MINUTES!
  • Listen to an uplifting pod cast…Here is my current favourites -> Opera’s Super Soul Conversations
  • Block out time in your calendar each day to do one thing that energizes you, brings you closer to your goals, and back to your centre
  • Spend time in nature – try walking outside in a nearby park or a weekend getaway – take 3 x deep breaths
  • 5 min of meditation – check out one of my favourite apps: Insight Timer is packed with some great guided meditations!
  • Go to a yoga class – get a buddy, or practice with an inspiring teacher – here is a link to my Public Classes

See you on the mat yogis!

X Namaste

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